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... land of infinite stars. This world is home to a many strange and exciting creatures. Chief among them are the Canids, a broad family of intelligent wolf-like beings. The variety among the Canids is great, ranging from small and pixie-like to enormous and predatory. The Canids have formed complex social systems that are in constant flux.

The one thing that remains the same is their culture of constellation-worship. Above Lunara, in the star-filled realm of Ouranos, live a powerful race known as Starborn. The Canids worship these Starborn as gods. Historically, the Starborn have remained high on their lofty perch. However, in recent times, some Starborn have been cast down from Ouranos and forced to live out their lives as Asterids on Lunara. This is a time of turmoil, a time of change.

What plans do the Asterids have for the Canids? Will the Starborn interfere with life on Lunara to foil them?

Join us on a journey of discovery! Make some friends along the way! Join us on Lunara, and change the future of our planet!

Please take a moment to join us on the forums! Most of our activity will take place there.