1. Please be sure to save your Canids to your computer in case anything happens to the website or your links!
  2. You may not alter your Canids by drawing on them or anything of that nature. You are allowed to make avatars and banners with your Canids, and fanart is fine.
  3. You may display your Canids anywhere online, as long as there is a link back to our website.
  4. To name your Canid, PM "Canid Certing" with a link to the Canid, owner and name.
  5. No begging or whining! Please don’t make the rest of the community uncomfortable.
  6. All sales are final, please be sure you can afford a Canid and really want it before you purchase it! We cannot issue refunds unless we have made a mistake on our end. Paypal chargebacks will result in a total ban from Canids, and all of your Canids will be repossessed if you win the chargeback.
  7. If you leave the website, your Canids will remain on your pack page unless you choose to gift them or give them back to us to rehome. Any gifted Canids will be given away in free events. Repo’d Canids may be sold to cover any chargebacks or to help pay for site maintenance.
  8. Canids may not be sold for any currency.
  9. Canids may be traded for other Canids, items such as potions or ingredients and art. You may also trade them for real life items such as My Little Ponies, collectables, video games…anything aside from cash! You may also trade them for other adoptables and adoptable items.
  10. All trading must take place during a designated trading season. There will be a post on the forums when this occurs.
  11. Rudeness, hostility and inflammatory remarks are not ok and will not be tolerated. You will receive one warning, after that you will be banned and your Canids will be repossessed. Please be kind to your fellow Canid-lovers!
  12. Canids cannot be recerted for a change in username. We can, however, move your pack over to a new page for your new username.
  13. When a Canid is traded, only the username can be changed, not the name of the Canid itself.
  14. Please respect the authority of all Canid team members. We’re here to help, but we need everyone’s cooperation to fulfill our duties!
  15. HAVE FUN!